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Employee Health & Safety Awards

Employee Health & Safety Awards

Award Wining Safety Culture

Safety doesn’t happen by chance. We pay careful attention to safety for everyone at every level. Our award winning safety record demonstrates a long-standing commitment to producing high-quality materials in a safe, productive manner.

2010 Word Class Safety Award – Best Safety Culture & Performance

The World Class Safety Award is awarded to the very best company across all of Oldcastle Materials in terms of safety culture and performance. There were many companies in close competition for this award; however, Cadillac Asphalt stood above the rest. The Cadillac Asphalt team achieved a recordable incident rate of 0.65 while working 212,000 hours. The team had zero lost-time incidents, drove more than 590,000 miles with zero preventable fleet incidents. Congratulations to the entire Cadillac Asphalt team on their exceptional performance.

2010 Best Division Safety Performance Award

The Best Division Safety Performance Award is presented to Oldcastle Material’s top-ranked division for the year. The 2010 award is presented to the Central Division — comprised of Cadillac Asphalt and The Shelly Companies — has consistently been one of the safest divisions across all of Oldcastle Materials Companies with an outstanding safety culture. In 2010, while completing several acquisitions of new companies, they achieved an reportable incident rate (RIR) of 1.08 (2.7 million hours worked), a zero lost-time incidents, a CPI rate of 1.08 and a PVIR of 2.20 (10.4 million miles driven). The Central Division should be really proud of being the best of the best in 2010.

2010 The Presidential Safety Award

Cadillac Asphalt received the Presidential Safety Award from Oldcastle Materials as they worked 588,000 hours, with a reportable incident’s rate of 0.68, zero lost-time incidents, CPI at 1.00 and 590,000 miles driven resulting in zero preventable fleet incidents.

2010 Safety Excellence Award

All companies in the Oldcastle Materials exemplify an outstanding safety culture. The Safety Excellence Award is presented to those companies who achieved the goal of Zero lost-time incidents. Michigan paving was one of 43 companies out of 62 who qualified for this prestigious award. Congratulations to the entire Cadillac Asphalt team.

2010 Fleet Excellence Award

The Fleet Excellence Award is presented to Cadillac Asphalt for achieving the goal of zero preventable fleet incidents throughout the year. Congratulations again, to the entire Cadillac Asphalt team.

2010 Safety Director of the Year Award

Asphalt Paving Detroit Micigan

Steve Draper

Cadillac Asphalt is the proud recipient of the 2010 Safety Director of the Year Award, awarded to Steve Draper. Steve started with SE Johnson (acquired by OMG in 2003) in 1992, learning the aggregate business from the bottom up. In 2003 he was promoted to the role of Safety Director for Cadillac Asphalt’s Aggregate Group, and he now serves as the full-time Safety Director for the entire Cadillac Asphalt organization. In his current role, Steve has been active in enhancing and promoting the safety culture through all lines of business including aggregates, asphalt, construction, liquid asphalt and rail terminals. Steve is also responsible for posting Oldcastle Materials’ safety takes on the OMG Safety Interchange Site. Congratulations Steve, on your excellent work in 2010.