///Green Top™ & Green Topping™

High-quality, Environmentally-Friendly Pavement

Eco-Mix Asphalt Environmentally Friendly Pavement Michigan

Green Top™ is our recycled hot mix asphalt produced exclusively by Cadillac Asphalt and its affiliated companies. Using over 30 years of research and experience in recycling, Cadillac Asphalt is committed to providing an asphalt pavement that includes 35-50% recycled asphalt into the new pavement. Our experience has shown Green Top™ outperform typical asphalt pavements while saving millions of tons of raw aggregate from being mined and over eleven million gallons of oil from being used each year using the Green Topping™ Process.   

  • Asphalt pavement is 100% recyclable
  • Asphalt is the #1 recycled product in the country
  • Green Top uses 35% - over 50% recycled asphalt pavement into new high quality hot mix asphalt
  • Green Top meets or exceeds most typical asphalt specifications
  • Green Topping has been researched and developed using over 30 years experience
  • Green Top pavements are as durable standard hot mix asphalt
  • Green Top qualifies for LEED credits
  • Cadillac Asphalt reduces mining of natural aggregates from local gravel pits and quarries by over 1 million tons by recycling asphalt pavement into Green Top
  • Recycling asphalt pavement into new asphalt such as Green Top keeps nearly 11 million gallons of oil from being imported

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